Brew smarter with bioengineered yeast

Berkeley Yeast uses bioengineering to change the biochemistry inside of yeast on a reaction-by-reaction basis, tuning traits with exacting precision. Because yeast fermentation is already essential to the brewing process, brewers can benefit from our tech by simply switching out their current yeast.


Only The Good Stuff

Agricultural products are complex. You get the good with the bad. With the precision of bioengineering, we’re able to tune traits in isolation, and therefore give brewers a new set of tools. The benefit of this precision is exemplified by two of our available technologies: Tropics strains are engineered to make the flavor-active compounds that give highly sought-after hop varietals their signature flavors—like passionfruit, guava, and grapefruit—but without the bitterness and grassy off-notes associated with large quantities of vegetative material.  Galactic strains are engineered to make lactic acid in an otherwise standard ale brewing process and without the process woes and mousy off-flavors that come from alternative methods. The unique level of precision of our technology allows brewers to deliver more delicious and drinkable beer to their customers.

Consistency and Scalability

When flavor-active compounds are produced inside the yeast, flavor intensity is consistent across fermentations. This is in contrast to the agricultural products typically used to drive flavor—like hops and fruit—that are notoriously inconsistent. After all, the conditions inside your fermentor are easier to control than the conditions and processes at the farm you source these ingredients from. With Berkeley Yeast you can be confident in delivering the exact product to your customer that they have come to expect. And when demand for your product increases, scale up without the sourcing headaches and variability imposed by agriculture.

Less Inputs, More Cost Effective

Our technologies enable you to create premium products without the usual problems that plague them: labor intensive processes and expensive ingredients that turn margins paper thin. We can do this by engineering the yeast to achieve the qualities associated with expensive ingredients. For example, our Summerstone strains deliver an intensity of peach flavor that would be cost prohibitive with fruit additions. With smart fermentation, yeast drives efficiency.

Custom Strains

Imagine an exclusive yeast strain that produces flavor compounds or streamlines your production precisely the way you need it to. Berkeley Yeast partners with commercial breweries and wineries—and anyone using yeast for commercial production of foods and beverages—to turn imagination into reality.

Extraordinary yeasts

A range of extraordinary yeast strains that produce impressive flavors or address some of the most common issues faced by commercial brewers are available for purchase today. You may never go back to ordinary yeast.