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Putting science to good use

Our work at Berkeley Yeast is founded on the idea that science can be used to do more with less. We put this idea to practice everyday as we aim to transform the beer industry with novel technologies—technologies that offer more control over flavor characteristics, more ease of scalability, and more consistency of quality in every bottle of beer. All this with less reliance on natural resources. 

Science that’s good for people

Science that’s good for the planet.

Much of the modern world we live in is made possible thanks to scientific discoveries and their applications by industry. At its best, the relationship between science and industry has resulted in sweeping improvements for humankind. Think of Louis Pasteur’s discovery that food spoiled because of contamination by invisible bacteria which sparked methods of pasteurization that safeguard many foods we consume today.

In that same spirit, we strive to deliver bioengineering technologies that are good for people and for the planet. Our bioengineered yeast strains can reduce or eliminate the use of resource-intensive crops by producing the exact same flavor compounds found in fruits and other edible plants. They can reduce or eliminate compounds, like ethanol, that would otherwise require energy-intensive processing steps to remove. And while these are some of the benefits that speak to our larger ambitions, our work is ultimately about helping brewers make a beverage that’s deeply embedded in our culture and beloved by so many. Because after all, the little pleasures in life are worth protecting too. 

Science by scientists who care.

We at Berkeley Yeast are personally invested in how our work impacts the world. Our team comprises not just scientists, but passionate beer enthusiasts who care about the nuances of the brewing process, outdoor adventurers who care about rising temperatures and wildfires, and parents who care about protecting the future of our food system. Each of us believes that science can help us find solutions to some of the most important and urgent challenges our world faces today. And together we share a commitment to put science to good use.

Leadership Team

Berkeley Yeast Nick Harris Microbial Biology
Berkeley Yeast Charles Denby Molecular Cell Biology
Berkeley Yeast Rachel Li Microbial Biology
R&D, Operations
Berkeley Yeast Jeremy Roop PhD in Microbial-Biology
R&D, strategy
Berkeley Yeast Dan Liu Chemical Biology
R&D, Technology

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