New possibilities with superpowered yeast

Flavor Series

Achieve complex flavors with extraordinary consistency. These strains allow you to save on ingredients, differentiate your brand, and produce new products that consumers will love.

Quality Series

Make beer with extra attention to quality. These strains allow you to make the same great beer, while preventing undesirable qualities from arising.

NON-ALC Series

Designed to make non-alcoholic (NA) beer that tastes like beer. These strains allow you to create ultra-crisp and complex NA beers that can stand alongside your existing brands.


Dial up the intensity of desirable flavors. These purified plant extracts work in conjunction with specific strains in our Flavor Series.

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Why our Yeast?

From precise control over flavors and protection against the increasing vulnerability of crops, to greater product shelf stability and increased production efficiency, it’s time to rethink the value of yeast.

Custom strains

Extraordinary yeast made with you, for you

Although the possibilities of what yeast can do are endless, the only one that matters to you is the one that you need. We partner with food and beverage manufacturers to create exclusive yeast strains that are customized to address highly specific issues.