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Ordinary yeast made extraordinary

Berkeley Yeast develops unique yeast strains with properties that are transforming the way beer is made. Commercial brewers can now leverage a range of new benefits: from unprecedented control over flavors and protection against the increasing vulnerability of crops, to greater product shelf stability and increased production efficiency. Yeast is capable of more than you knew.

Complex flavors without addItional ingredients

Whether you’re interested in boosting tropical fruit notes or enhancing quintessential hop aromas, brewers can now produce more of the flavors that they want with yeast. Some smart bioengineering can open up a world of flavor possibilities with just a single ingredient you already use. No additional ingredients needed, no additional complications made.


Recent years have shown that the brewing industry is not immune to supply chain shortages caused by wildfires, droughts, pandemics, and wars. Barley, hop and fruit harvests are becoming increasingly unreliable. Our bioengineered strains make beer production more robust to these new challenges. With our strains, brewers can extract more flavor from drought-tolerant hops, reduce their use of fruit purees, and transition to barley varietals that are more resistant to climate change. Against a backdrop of climate uncertainty, our strains allow brewers to confidently make the same great beer, day-in and day-out.


Berkeley Yeast strains are bioengineered to give brewers consistent results in two important ways. The first is through the controlled suppression of undesired compounds, which form at unpredictable levels when using ordinary commercial yeast. The second comes from the highly regular nature of yeast as a biofactory: When used to produce flavor compounds, our yeast does so more consistently than the ingredients that are typically added to produce those very same compounds. This means that you can have greater confidence in knowing you can deliver the exact same product, batch after batch after batch.


In the effort to extend that brewery-fresh taste of beer, it turns out that the yeast you already use can be a powerful tool. Any house strain can be engineered to produce molecules that help prevent oxidation or render undesirable molecules virtually undetectable. The result is better shelf stability and flavor preservation of your beer a lot longer after it leaves the brewery.


Most breweries operate on thin profit margins, and high production efficiency is a key in maintaining a sustainable business. Our yeast can help. For example, yeast that never make diacetyl allow brewers to turn their tanks faster. Increased flavor production reduces reliance on expensive ingredients while increasing tank yields. And with our quick souring strains, brewers can produce sour beers at half the cost by consolidating a laborious multi-step fermentation process in a single step. Across multiple applications, our yeast streamline the production process and allow you to make the same great beer with fewer headaches. With some subtle yet sophisticated help, yeast can make your operations more efficient.

Custom Strains

Imagine an exclusive yeast strain that produces flavor compounds or streamlines your production precisely the way you need it to. Berkeley Yeast partners with commercial breweries and wineries—and anyone using yeast for commercial production of foods and beverages—to turn imagination into reality.

Available Strains

A range of extraordinary yeast strains that produce impressive flavors or address some of the most common issues faced by commercial brewers are available for purchase today. You may never go back to ordinary yeast again.