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Commercial content manager

We’re currently looking for a Commercial Content Manager who can translate the value propositions addressed by our strains to the fermentation industry. As the Commercial Content Manager, you will work closely with the sales, marketing, and product development teams to create materials that effectively communicate the value propositions of our bioengineered yeast strains to the fermentation industry. This will involve actively seeking to understand customer needs and staying up to date on current trends within the industry. By translating complex scientific concepts into understandable language and developing useful documents, you will equip customers with the knowledge and resources they need to benefit the most from our products. Your work will not only impact the success of our company but also the industry as a whole as we continue to revolutionize the way beer and wine are made.


We’re currently looking for a Scientist to help build novel beer yeast strains with desirable flavor and performance profiles. You will work collaboratively to design and genetically incorporate biosynthetic pathways, plus utilize a variety of biochemical and analytical methods to inform strain performance and pathway optimization. Join us at the cutting edge of synthetic biology to create products that you can taste!

Research Associate


At the moment we’re not actively recruiting for Research Associate positions, but we will likely have additional openings within the next six months. If you’re excited about using cutting edge laboratory techniques to improve sustainability in the beer and wine industries, and you’d like to be considered for a future position on our team, please get in touch!